10 Outfits Which Are Essential to a Woman’s Wardrobe

There is no end of filling a woman’s wardrobe with outfits because everyday many new styles come out from fashion world. It is a good thing that women have so many options but having many options also creates confusion. In the desire of filling the wardrobe with latest wears women miss to have the essential outfits. There is no problem if you want to have latest outfits but you should be aware of some evergreen styles that must be included in your wardrobe. There are so many essential outfits for a womans wardrobe like leather jacket, formals, designer kurtis, denims etc. Amongst all the basic outfits some are given in this article below-

  1. Pencil Skirt: pencil skirtsIf you are going to a party after office then you do not need change because you are wearing a pencil Skirt. The advantage of this outfit is that it gives both a formal look and a hot look for parties. You can wear this in your office as well as in a party.

  2. Leather Jacket:leather jacket

    While buying a leather jacket you do not need to think twice because mostly you are clear that which type of jacket you want to have, I suggest to buy a black jacket it will give you a tomboy look, and everyone wants to wear a black leather jacket while riding a bike whether a man or a woman.

  3. Denims:denims

    We are talking about wardrobe essentials, then how can we miss denims. You can wear these in summer as well as in winter, like in summers you can wear denim shorts and a full length denim jeans will be a very nice choice for winters.

  4. A Pair of Formal trousers:formal trousers

    According to me it is a perfect choice as an office wear. It will give you a look of a mature and successful woman.

  5. A white T-shirt:white tshirts

    A white t-shirt is unavoidable in any wardrobe whether it is men’s or woman’s. This is a type of wear which can be matched with many types of outfits like, you can match it with a blue denim jeans, blue denim shorts, skirt etc. And I feel it is very easy to choose accessories for this wear.

  6. A Scarf:scarf

    This thing deserves to be placed in this list because it is not only for styling purpose but also to protect you from sunlight in summer. And it also protects your skin from pollution if you are passing through a high traffic or crowded area.

  7. Leggings:leggings

    As we all know that there are so many colors in legging but I think a black and a white leggings are must to be included in your collection. There are two types of leggings available first is ankle length legging and second is long length leggings and both of them have their own ways to style.

  8. Black Tights: black tights

    You can use this with a pencil skirt, this will give a sexy look. And wearing jacket with this will work like icing on cake.

  9. Ethnic wears:kurtis

    In India any ladies wardrobe is incomplete without kurtis and sarees. A saree will give you a stunning and exlusive look in special occasion. And kurti is an essential daily wear in the lifestyle of an Indian woman. I like to suggest you to buy designer kurti online if you want to see an amazing collection of different types of kurtis. Kurtis have a lot of varieties like long kurti, formal kurti, casual kurti and many more, choose one amongst them that will best suit you.

  10. A Crisp White Formal Shirt:white shirt

    It will give a look of a powerful and successful woman. You can match this different types of outfits like skirts to have a hot look and you should choose accessories which match its standard.

10 Outfits Which Are Essential to a Woman’s Wardrobe

Different Kurtis for Different Occasions

Donna Karan says, “Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe, the practical with the desirable.”

Indeed Donna Karan has rightly figured out how the world of fashion has been working and what the seekers have been expecting from the fashionista. For all the varied occasions, women try new and trendy outfits, for this reason is the fashion has existed from long. Startling the most alluring and magnetic outfits, the designers is designing the garments with utmost imaginativeness and practicality that suits different occasions. Each occasion and its staples vary in enormously. Be it the color or style, everyone likes to be choosy when it comes to covering up for different occasions. Amongst the varied occasions, listed below are some kurtis that aptly suits to the occasions they have been matched up with. One can have look and find the most astounding garments for every occasion they are heading to.

  • Wedding Kurtis:

Wedding Wear

Weddings are the occasions when you everyone likes to look beautiful and catch the gazes of all. This is an occasion when, one can experiments with their garments and garb all the jazzy and glittery silhouettes. So for weddings, one must pick the best of designer kurtis. Keep the staple for the occasion gaudy, stylish and something that gets the attention of everyone. Make sure that your garment perfectly fits you and make you look astounding. Here is an alternative that would work well for the upcoming weddings.


  • Festive Kurtis:

Festive Wear

Throughout the year, festivals are the time when everyone gets to meet their loved ones and celebrate like never before. Dressing up well and enjoying the festivals has been the routine for the festive occasions. All women need to be alert while choosing what to wear on the festivities. Enrich the festivals with kurtis which are simple yet stylish. Choose the ones that are crafted with graceful fabrics. Covering up with these exquisite clothing will make any women look elegant.

  • Party Wear Kurtis:

Party Wear

Everyone likes to wear clothes that are different and eye-catchy, when they are in a big gathering. For this occasion one must choose something that is stylish and elegant. Be the one who attracts everyone’s attention at first sight. Choose neutral shades for the parties that are on your way. The most suited kurtis for parties are the ones that have the elements of traditional as well as western wear. The look is for the reference is given. Find the ladies kurtis that are enriches the persona and make one looks magnificent.

  • Office Wear Kurtis:

Office Wear

Office is one place where one needs to maintain the formal look as well as the sophisticated one. The best kurtis that go well for the office are the ones that are crafted with cotton and silk fabric. Keep your office couture simple and astounding. With prints and simple patterns in neckline, one can rock with the complete look. Given is a look that can perfectly enlighten one on what to wear in the offices.

  • Winter Wear Kurtis:

Winter Wear Kurtis

While the kurtis mentioned above are the occasion, but winter has to be included in it. Winter being a season, has all the good reason to be in the list of occasions. Comes just for just a small span in a year, the winters get warm welcome and the happy ending. Attaching a kind of kurti to this season is, well deserving. One must get a woolen kurti and look amazing in the season.

So these were some of the kurtis that perfectly blends with its occasions. Whatever one wants is all available online. Buy kurti online in India and feel good about the occasion they are up to.

Different Kurtis for Different Occasions

How to Stitch Kurtis at Home

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In a country like India, one dress that never fails to make any woman satisfied is the kurti. Whatever the occasion is kurtis are one clothing that just makes it fulfilling. The wide range of kurtis that includes formal kurtis, long cotton kurtis, and ladies kurtis are the ones that empower and make this category of dress a very special one for all. Some people go and toll the marketplace and choose the best while others get the designer stuff for themselves. However, it is, but every Indian woman likes to have the kurtis in her wardrobe.

Amongst all, there are the ones who want to learn stitching kurtis. The reasons could be varied and so are the purposes. For all those who want to learn stitching kurtis online, this is the ultimate destination. I will explain you how to stitch kurtis at home in the most simple and convenient manner. Making kurtis is not a piece of cake, but anyone who is willing to complete this task, will be able to do this in no time. Learn it through the step by step procedure mentioned below. By following the way you can try making formal kurtis or long cotton kurtis. Here it goes:

The requirement

For making any kurti, you need to gather certain things for it. This will help you in making the kurti in a hassle free way. All you then need to do is to just follow the simple steps and see a beautiful kurti as an outcome.

You would require a cloth material to stitch the kurti. For all those who are making kurti at home for the first time, they should choose cotton as the material. This will help you go easy on the stitching. After this, you would require a scissor, marking chalk, inch tape, and a newspaper. The requirement of a newspaper arises so that before actually stitching the kurti, you would get an idea about how to do it. It is always good to do it this way.

Take the Measurements.

  • Length of Kurti – From shoulder to your desired length.
  • Shoulder width – measure your shoulder from both the ends.
  • Waist circumference
  • Bust circumference
  • Circumference of armhole
  • Hip circumference (waist and hip circumference is necessary as kurtis are tightly fitted while kurtas are loose)
  • Width of neckline
  • Neckline length (deep neck or normal neck, according to your preference)
  • Length of slit – from waist to the bottom of kurti
  • Length from shoulder to bust
  • Length from waist to bottom
  • Length from bust to waist

When taking the measurements, one inch extra or like should be taken for the stitching and hemming purpose. Without this, making a kurti would be difficult; you will experience problem with the fit. Also keep some cloth extra in the kurti as allowance. You can use this later when any alteration is needed.

The Stitching of Kurti

  1. Use the final measurements and create a demo kurti pattern on a newspaper, first with the chalk and then cut it with the scissor. Double fold the newspaper (and so does the material) and then cut it. This way, half of the kurti from one side will be folded and the cutting of the newspaper and the fabric will be acute. Do it the same for the back side. This is shown in the figure.1.
  1. Now keep your fabric on a table or elsewhere, but keep it neatly. Double fold the fabric and put the newspaper cutting on it. Now draw an outline with chalk and cut it through the outline with the scissor.2
  1. If you are making a kurti with sleeves, then you need to take measurement of and cut the sleeves. For sleeves, you need the measurement of the circumference of the upper arm, lower arm and the wrist, according to your preference. Make the arms on the newspaper first and then on the fabric as you have done for the kurti.
  1. Now come to the neckline. Take the first paper on which you have drawn the front side of the kurti and mark the neckline on that paper using the measurements that you have taken for the neckline. Make sure you have taken the measurements that include the allowances for folding. Now use the paper cutting and cut the fabric of front side of kurti. If you are a beginner, then draw simple necklines like square ne4
  1. Once you have given the neckline for the front side, you need to draw the back neck as well. Bring the back side paper cutting of the kurti and draw back neckline with its help and then follow the above procedure.
  1. Now you have both the sides of the kurti ready with you. Now comes the stitching time. Take both the sides in hand and stitch it through the shoulder first. Join both the shoulders from the reverse side. Now take a strip of cloth that is about the same length that of the back neckline. Stitch this stripe on the back neckline of the kurti.
  1. Then start sewing the shoulder from left to right. Now line up the bias edge with the shoulder before the neckline starts and sew it down. Then rotate the strip so that it is lined with the neckline and sew it on. At the end of the neckline rotate the fabric at 30 degrees and sew the new bias along the shoulder. Make sure that you have done the double stitching for the durability.
  1. Now fold the slits and give the finishing touch to your long cotton kurti.

Your kurti is ready now and also you have learnt the stitching of kurti at home. Hope you have had a good experience and that the kurti that you have made is fabulous.

How to Stitch Kurtis at Home

Clothing that men like it when women wear

We women are not the easiest when it comes to clothing. Certainly not in comparison to men. We know very well what we like and not like, and what our state. We watched figure, on skin tone and all sorts of other things that affect our choice of clothing. Men … are a lot simpler. Below are some examples of clothing that men find beautiful women:

Men love red.

Nice sensual and strikingly delicious. Men find a woman with a beautiful red color. And in this regard we cannot blame them anyway? Red is also an attractive color and is a lot of good people. Yet we find women quickly an intense color for a normal working day and even at the local pub. Just do it, they love it!


Men love high heels.

Men find women more attractive heels. It seems scientifically proven to be and actually it is also quite plausible: the curves of a woman get better and chop to wobble you do just a little bit more with that ass than on your All Stars. So attract those killer heels ladies!


Men like to see bare shoulders.

Bare shoulders? Yes! Those legs that feel free to stop in skinny jeans and belly should be covered, nowadays men look like bare shoulders. Just as a subtle bit bare at the shoulders seem to find a man very sexy. In the house so they get off-shoulder tops!


Men see women prefer in dresses.

Although skinny jeans also not considered as annoying, men remain men and women prefer to see it in a female dress. They feminine possible, and that for them the slip. Not so short that it is vulgar, but ‘short’ is a must. The dress should accentuate the curves of the body and then especially the ‘good points’. Are you blessed with nice round butt? Yeah … that’s still like to see some men.

What men should do nothing?

High wasted jeans


Harem Pants


To expose

For all men who read this: do you have any comments or additions? Do not be afraid to hear from you! Ladies, what do you think? Do you adapt your clothing to what your boyfriend or men in the pub or nightclub you think?

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Clothing that men like it when women wear

5 New Styling RULES for Women with Curves


Women with Curves
Women with Curves

Some styling rules for curvy women are antediluvian. It’s time they stir up a bit, five most important styling tips:

  1. Start with the right underwear

“I like to wear seamless underwear in Nude. That’s not sexy, but so you can put the silhouette of your clothes the best in scene. Many women love Shapewear, but I prefer gossamer shirt bras. Of course, lace lingerie is perfect to seduce, but you can always look under t-shirt or a blouse. That’s why I like it underneath like plain and simple. ”

  1. emphasize the right places

“The bottom line is to put the emphasis on the strengths of your body. Belt as an accent, for example often too much, about more than a T-shirt. This emphasizes the waist, which can look unfavorably. I love my legs. A simple, classic pump makes them look longer. Everything with a strap around the ankle, I avoid interrupting the natural line of the leg, when I’m wearing a dress. ”

  1. patterns are a must

“It is said that curvy women wear best Black. It may well seem flattering a great pattern. It’s all about, only to choose the perfect silhouette. In voluminous, patterned kaftans you perish. So do not touch it. Better access to a patterned suit with narrow trousers and a fitted blazer. Sure, the print complete look is something very courageous. Therefore Catch Just a patterned blazer and pair it with your black basics.

  1. Put it on new proportions and perfect cuts!

“Not everything has to contain elastane, so that it sits well. My secret weapon is a perfect blazer, which holds everything together. Even small changes can transform a look of misshapen in flattering – for example, if you shorten your skirt or trousers length just a little “.

  1. Never stand on rules

“A lot of people can be narrow of what curvy women are allowed to wear and what not. Do not be guided by the rules and do not be afraid to try new things.


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5 New Styling RULES for Women with Curves

Fashion for all Ages: What Clothing is Right for Me


First of all, one should be made clear: women can, as long as they bear in their clothes feel everything. Especially in recent years, the limits for Do’s and don’ts have increasingly moved up and in some cases even canceled. ’40 so the new 20 ‘ also applies to the fashion! Nevertheless, you should not overdo it after a certain age with the trial and error. It is necessary to put clever youthful accents. For example to a simple blouse instead of a frumpy acting pearl necklace a colorful statement necklace or a trendy pair of shoes. Be open to let emerge from the typical clothing clichés something completely new and modern! It does not have to be the skintight minders or be the scarcest Hot Pans. But thing is certain: Anyone who carries a piece far ‘Jung’ which radiates definitely something young and modern from. Try yourself! Finding the right styleMany young women have not yet found their style. They therefore try out gladly. The various trends will help you to get your personal style more closely and develop a sense of style. Although everyone doesn’t look right. Now is the time to try it. Total are all the rage this year, for example, crop tops. For young women with flat stomach a good way, but not to present themselves sexy ‘billing’. The result, together with a maxi skirt, summer and a mini bag the perfect outfit for a beautiful summer day!     

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Fashion for all Ages: What Clothing is Right for Me

History of Rajputi Poshak | RAJASTHANI RAJPUTI POSHAK

Influenced and closeness with the Mughal empire, the Rajputs adopted their style of dressing and preferred the richly embroidered brocades and silks from Benaras. Generally, the Rajputi Poshak for females consists of a set which includes kanchli (inner-wear with sleeves), waist-length Kurta (a sleeveless blouse), ghagra (pleated skirt) and odhni (long, flowing veil). The Rajsathani Rajput Poshak adds a splash of colors to the culture of Rajasthan and various parts of Gujarat.

History of Rajputi Poshak | RAJASTHANI RAJPUTI POSHAK