Designer Lehengas for the EID festival season


Lehenga or we can call it as the ghagra-choli or the chaniya choli. Gone were those antiquated days, when these ghagra-cholis were only worn by the Rajasthanis and the Gujaratis. The lehengas, today, have touched every nook and corner of the country. Even, each state has come up with its own version of this ensemble imbuing their customary touches in it. Actually, the Indian fashion market has a boundless, stylish and chic outfits that keep augmenting with the evolution of the new and innovative trends. With the surge of the eminence of this charming attire, many shop owners and designers have experimented with their own style and have presented before the audience and even they are loved by the individuals. This apparel encompasses three garments, the ghagra, choli and dupatta. Typically, ghagra and dupatta are adorned with the heavy embellishments mainly consists of intricate embroidery or zari additionally augmented with the net or lace work. The choli remains the simple but elegant.

With the Eid on the doorstep, the market is flooded with the prolific and mesmerizing designs of the lehengas. The contemporary hues of the lehengas are so enticing and eye-catching. Eid is the grand festival and Indians celebrate it with full felicity and ecstasy. With the prolific preparations, each Indian is ready to welcome the Moon of the Eid. With full credulity and belief, each Muslim is eager and enthusiast to celebrate this holy festival. Among these arrangements, the outfit plays the pivotal and the dazzling role. At the current time, all the Indian girls are ready with their outfits and the correlated accessories. Actually, it is celebrated all along the Ramdan month and then Eid has approached to complete the jubilation with the more and more vivacity and frolic.

However, be vigilant whilst swallowing the market to discover the apt lehengas. Focus on the aspects- quality of the fabric, the contemporary fashion and the cost. These will certainly impact on the purchase of the lehanga. Plus, the secondary element you have to ponder is the embellishment over the lehangas. Check its finishing and the excellence properly. Further, color can alter the entire mood of the lehenga. The motifs, designs, patterns, texture and the color are the primary elements of a designer lehanga. The motifs and the embroidery must match with the color and the whole piece should look enchanting and sublime.  As you have no supplement time to check more about it, so scrutinize it keenly and thoroughly. Buying online is the facile and convenient alternative in this hard-hitting era.

The vogue of the lehanga never fades away. It has been the most traditional and the chic attire in the category of the ethnic wears for long. The ravishing lehenga saree is the contemporary trend and also a sterling and pleasing alternative to try. For this Eid, go with some type of attire having colorful and heavily adorned panels at the front. It will surely cater an unbeatable glance to the girl. Besides, all these elements, the fabric you can choose is the georgette, chiffon, viscose fabric, crepe, silk, satin and brocade designs, etc. The contemporary fish cut lehenga is the other optimal option for this Eid. This type of lehenga is generally tight upto the knee and then it is twisted into the free and loose garment whilst the choli or blouse is made carefully with the deep necklines and backlines for the maximum effect and style. Silk, chiffon, georgette and other soft flowy fabric are the base under the chic and fashionable essence of the fish cut lehenga. It is something like the new trend of lehenga in this era and has acquired its popularity gradually. Eid is the occasion to cheer the joyous moments with togetherness and courtesy to each other. Explore the online market and pick the pioneer and gorgeous lehenga for the upcoming auspicious occasion.

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Designer Lehengas for the EID festival season

Best Bridal Saree: Feast for Your Eyes

Best Bridal Saree

A would-be-bride weaves myriad of dreams for her wedding initiating from the future with her man to her wedding day. Each girl has its own dreams and visions of her wedding and she has already thought of her all the preparations and arrangements for her wedding. Initiating from her wedding outfit to all other arrangements, she has exclusive perceptions, and she wants to fulfill all in a way she has already envisaged. Bridal outfit is the momentous and the enthralling facet of the wedding. Lehenga, saree, salwar-suits are the conventional ethnic wears for any occasion or festivals. Among these, saree is the quintessential traditional garment of India that will significantly enhance the woman’s splendor and a girl carries off with the delicacy and great panache.

Choosing the best saree for your wedding is the toughest job. Being perplexed in so many attires, a bride often gets screwed up to pick up the one that she likes. You must choose the saree that you love and most apt for your body. And remember, the drape. A saree looks entirely stunning when draped in the righteous manner and matched with the appropriate blouse and the inner skirt. A saree can be draped, according to the distinct states of India.

  1. Georgette work Saree: Georgette fabric is the most comfortable and best suited for any wedding or event. Being transparent as its attribute, it will be the most demanded fabric whilst the marriage season. The work on such sarees is very well held ad imparts the beaming effect. Haldi is the pleasant event to try this outfit and the festivals or the pujas are also the lucrative option to give you the ravishing glimpse.


  1. Heavy embroidered silk saree: Though, silk is the traditional garment, but with the flourishing and the gorgeous, vivid colors and shades of the new younger generation give you the splendid look. The zari and kundan works add the glitter and lustrous specification to the silk saree.


Heavy embroidered silk saree
Heavy embroidered silk saree
  1. Sequins Half and half Saree: Sequins are the vital part of the glamor in the today’s fashion world. This imparts the dazzling effect on the floor and gives you an everlasting and marvelous look in any occasion or the wedding.


Sequins Half and half Saree
Sequins Half and half Saree
  1. Lehenga Saree: Lehanga saree is the most prominent and the sumptuous saree in this prevailing trend of fashion. Easy to handle and to wear, this saree is the most exquisite alternative for any festival and especially any ornamental occasion. With the prolific sparkling colors and hues, this lehanga saree is perfect for the ceremonial appearance.
Lehenga Saree:
Lehenga Saree:
  1. Chanderi Saree: Formulated from the mix cotton and silk threads, they have their own essence in look and its quality. They are mostly handwoven by the weavers of the heritage town, Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh. These sarees cater the elegant look and accessible in profuse color combinations.


Chanderi Saree
Chanderi Saree
  1. Bollywood Saree: Bollywood is the root of the fashion. Most of the individuals are greatly inspired by the Bollywood Divas and want the same outfits as they wear. Want to try some new and voguish trend, go with the Bollywood style sarees. A melange of pastel colors are accessible in the market today. So, choose one for your wedding event and look unique and modish.


  1. Designer Saree: Mainly created by the cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette, tussar and shimmer are some of the fabrics used in the designer sarees. In fact, this is the contemporary trend that is eminent nowadays in the market. They are designed in the fashion boutiques and the girl, especially designs the pioneer designer attire for her wedding events.


Indian Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone poses as she attends the wedding reception of actress Ahana Deol and husband Vaibhav Vohra in Mumbai on February 2, 2014.   AFP PHOTO/STR
Indian Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone poses as she attends the wedding reception of actress Ahana Deol and husband Vaibhav Vohra in Mumbai on February 2, 2014. AFP PHOTO/STR

The saree is the attire that instantly increases the glamour of the occasion and exudes elevated comfort. Have this one piece of clothing item in your wedding wardrobe which certainly accentuates your silhouette.

Best Bridal Saree: Feast for Your Eyes

Modern Magic with Crazora ( )


Latest Ethnic wear online store for Kurtis, sarees, Anarkali suits 2015

This is 2015 and the world has forwarded far beyond one’s imagination. Its paces move ahead of an exploration to the planet of the galaxy. Multifarious pioneering trends are flourishing day-by-day in manifold fields ranging from the miniature street facets to the giant innovative technological advancements. Also, contemporary trends in terms of fashion aspect have also been tremendously altered. India is a nation of various diversities and cultures. Here, with every region or area, individuals change with their respective customs and so as their costumes. Our renowned and artistic designers have always come up with groundbreaking designs and patterns of the outfits. With the revolution of the new-fangled technologies and most preferably the encroachments in the internet era, new and ingenious aspects have been discovered. In fact, it is the mobile era and the world is at your fingertips. With evolution of the effortless solutions accessible to every human being, an individual gets completely addicted to them and now he wants every object sitting at a single place.

Amazon, Jabong, Sanapdeal, Flipkart, etc are some of the fine and optimal illustrations that reveal straightforwardly to which extent the fashion tide has been emerged and even thriving with full empowerment. Likewise these, many more websites or portal are providing their optimum services of clothing and other accessories. India is a nation of manifold festivals and occasions and here at each footstep, beliefs have altered. At each festival or even at a small get together, you have easily explored hybrid apparels with diverse shades and colors. Crazora is one of the leading ethnic wears suppliers in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Although, India has reached to the other galaxy, but the soul of Indian people still subsists in each other’s cheerfulness. You can facilely discover the distinct range of the ethnic wears in any event, either it is the small gathering or an ornamental occasion. Especially, Indian women are very fond of the novel and sizzling garbs. She always keeps up-to-date with the inventive costumes daily. Ranging from the salwar-suit to lehangas, manifold designs and patterns are explored in any occasion. Crazora has come up with manifold novel trends with the harmony with the prevailing tide flowing in India today.

Crazora has the catalogue of fusion of exquisite array of the ethnic wears varying from the simple and voguish to the sumptuous and gorgeous. Want to try some novel vogue? Crazora is your ultimate destination for trying ethnic wears. Eid is approaching and an assortment of disparate apparels has been evolved. Contemporary anarkalis and other divergent salwar-suits have become the chic trends of today. Sarees and lehangas are always been the most stylish and sophisticated ethnic wears. With the transformation of every season, novel hues and patterns of ethnic wears are discovered. If you are a fashion victim, then Crazora is your paramount one stop destination to acquire the groundbreaking apparels, especially ethnic wears. Swallow up the catalogue of Crazora and you will discover each and every category of attire you love. It is the grand time to update your wardrobe with the pioneering and resplendent ethnic wears of Crazora.

Modern Magic with Crazora ( )

Summer Printed sarees: Best and Comfy

The word ‘saree’ has been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘sati’ that means “a strip of cloth”. As per the history of the saree, it was emanated from the Indus Valley Civilization era. Indian sarees have been enduring from 5000 years. A saree is the traditional and customary attire of Indian women from an elongated epoch. It is an Indian apparel that oozes feminine personality. A saree, being the most alluring and chic, is the eminent Indian costume. Saree is the most loved and adorable attire of an Indian woman.


Georgette, chiffon, silk, net, cotton, etc are the fabric types that are prevailing in the market as the current trend and even flourishing higher. Summer is on roar and selecting the saree without compromising the fashion definition, is rather a hard task. Adorn yourself with the classy sophistication of drape to thrash the heat in a voguish manner. Printed sarees are in the orientation nowadays. Embellished with the fine art and beautiful embroidery, the printed sarees are explored in the market with the unexampled and charming designs.

Want to experiment numerous fashionable sarees? Swallow the Indian online market and select the one of your kind. Various splash of diverse patterns and hues of printed sarees is available in the cloth industry. From the casual wear to the professional one, each and every designer sarees suited for the respective season, can be found in the market. As per this running summer season, the breathy and light-weight attires are in great demand and our fashion designers have already been familiar with the taste of the people.

Each fabric has its own attribute in colors and patterns and in sync with the season. Sarees are considered as the most sensual and gorgeous attire in India. From a small gathering to the giant party, saree has been the enduring and stunning apparel in India from an antiquated time. It’s time to revamp your wardrobe with the authentic and splendid hues with hybrid patterns in accordance with the summer season. Our renowned fashion designers Satya Paul, Ritu Kumar, Manish Malhotra, Sabhyasachi Mukherjee and others have evolved their new and stunning revolutions after the limited span.

Cotton, Georgette and chiffon are the best suited fabric types for this jagged and lukewarm season. Vivid and classy colored patterns and designs to pacify your eyes and instantly eye-catching attire are fit for the summer. Faux georgette sarees are tremendously sprinting in this summer with the striking colors and heterogenous hues. As per the cotton fabric, cotton sarees are considered as the most light weighted and airy apparel that can ne adorned with the excellent and remarkable colors and prints. Fit for any occasion from light party to any ornamental one, astounding printed sarees create an everlasting magical experience. Chiffon sarees are compatible for women of all ages. They are the admirable and unbeatable apparels, adorned with the ingenious and intricate embroidery plus formulated especially for the summer season because of its light and breezy attribute. They can create a matchless appearance in any auspicious event too.

Printed saree is the best casual wear due to its elegance and easy to maintain trait. Whenever you are going to bear a hectic schedule or any small gathering and you have a smaller amount of time, then draping this saree is the easiest and most mind blowing idea. The scorching sun is waving its flag high in the sky and to dress up with all embellishments for wedding in this hard season is not easy. Therefore, to steal the limelight of the occasion, glam up your beauty quotient with the gorgeous and contemporary printed sarees without negotiating your style.

Summer Printed sarees: Best and Comfy

Contemporary Anarkalis Collection by Manish Malhotra

Anarkali suits

by Manish Malhotra 2015
Anarkali suits define an unexampled fashion quotient. Though kurtis have various styles, however, anarkali has its own exclusive worth. Moreover, if the attire is designed by the acclaimed fashion designer Manish Malhotra, then undoubtedly the essence is augmented. The anarkali was originated from the antiquated times of Mughal epoch. ‘Anarkali’ word simply defines a pomegranate blossom. It was significantly evolved and measured in the Akbar’s empire and significantly its worth is augmenting tremendously in the prevailing era.

Manish Malhotra is the most versatile and prominent fashion designer in the Bollywood industry. Various Bollywood actors and actresses have worn his designed attires and crossed the preset benchmark. Manish Malhotra got his first phenomenal grand slam for designing the attire of Urmila Matondkar in the movie-‘Rangeela’. The phrase suited him the feather in cap when he finally honored with the Filmfare Award in 1995 and from the very current day, he is always endeavoring to reach to the top of the ladder, and yes, now he is at the peak. His astounding collection always surprises the Bollywood stars and the audience too. In fact, the spectators get the inspiration and the perception behind any style, pattern, design, the color, the amalgamation or fusion of colors. Fashion means Bollywood. Not just Urmila even, many actresses have worn his designer attire and created an iconic history. He is the one whose knack is not only renowned in India, but also in the USA, Europe and Canada.

2015 Anarkali Suits assortment:

Anarkali suits have educed and stepping the height with the rabbit’s pace this year. From Bollywood Diva to every common girl, each love to wear this long frock apparel in each event from the professional to ornamental occasion. Every cupboard is the place to reside the awe-inspiring, chic and modern trends of anarkali suits. Karishma Kapoor, the eminent actress wearing the peach colored anarkali looks sizzling and gorgeous. Manish’s blend of hues and patterns are always so eye-catching that involuntarily the spectators or the audience get magnetized towards it. Aishwarya Rai Bacchan, the epitome of beauty, looks ravishing and dazzling in Manish Malhotra attire embellished with the beautiful embroidery and intricate zari work.

sonali bendre in ivory net kalidar

The latest hodgepodge of the anarkali suits by Manish Malhotra is the anarkali as the long shirt frock, which is sweetly flourishing in this current tide. Buy and feel its essence in this cutting edge arena. Sonali Bendre, wearing the elegant ivory raw silk colored net kalidar anarkali suit adorned with the intricate resham work, looks simply astounding and stunning.


The Manish Malhotra’s career route would earn him an indomitable eminence in the reigning fashion ambiance. Adorned with the stylish hues and prototypes, umpteen designs are available in his catalogue. Almost all of the stars have worn his sumptuous attire. His catalogue is always loved and cherished by a girl, either she is a Bollywood Diva or a common girl. He had revolutionized a unique and unequaled fashion wave in this fashion world. If you are a fashion victim then, Manish Malhotra costumes are the paramount options.

Contemporary Anarkalis Collection by Manish Malhotra

3 Fashion Trends You Have Adopted in 2015

Fashion is s sort of the eternal soul. Your sagacity of style, the brands you wear, the trends you select to trail are unique to you. What inspires you to look good changes and evolves every day. Fashion and style are the two heterogenous, however identical components. Fashion is something prevailing in the current ambience and the style what we acquire. Undoubtedly, the apparels are the major quotients to transform the wave of the trends since the antiquated times. Effectively alluring the optimism of the summer season, multicolor and soothing colors are heartily welcomed. Like the colors blue, white, pink ensemble the tranquility and freshness. The street wear, casual wear, formal wear, etc, the fashion tide drastically impacts each component effectually.

Fashion trends 2015

Every summer has diverse story-flushed cheeks, awaited weekends, season lifts, breakups, outbreak of new love and the new blossoming world. If you are a fashion victim, then the day is all yours.  12th edition of  “Fabrics and Accessories Show” had celebrated in Banglore in March this year. The show had maximum number of exhibitors and provided new entrenching trends of fabrics, textiles, embellishments and related products and services to significantly augment the populace worldwide. A person, magnetized to the fashion era, could get a very remarkable fashion statement from the show.

Womens’ clothing alters every few minutes. With the assortment of various colors and patterns, the apparels have revolutionized in this era. From skirts to pants have revolutionized worldwide as in synch with the latest hot season. This summer brings you something innovative and trendy, as always, like sheer fabrics and lace-net pattern, velvet, Denim, easy and comfortable to wear silhouettes and also tremendous revamption in the prints also.  Neo classical and botanical prints are some illustrations of the latest fabric prints. As in the case of the gorgeous ethnic wear, sheer and soft fabric suits or sarees embellished with the intricate embroidery, deliver you a soothe and sizzling example of the traditional wear. A girl is always busy keep thinking about the new tide and how to revamp or mold it according to her choice. Fashion is something alterations and a woman will further evolve more new innovations. The transformation in the apparel world has kept us beyond the limits.


The attires like with warm orange-tinted yellow comes up to the surface as a new tone for menswear this summer. Since, denim is the sturdy fabric, however, its lighter fabric is also available and most apt for the summer. As for the trousers, casual pants, cargos, a boy know effectually what to wear in a specific season. Chinos, the most comfortable and breezy garment for the professional as the formal attire. Moreover, the sneakers, summer hairstyles with the suitable accessories transforms the facelift of the sprinting wave.

3 Fashion Trends You Have Adopted in 2015



Kurti is the most versatile and comfortable attire of an Indian girl. From a working professional girl to the housewife, each woman loves to wear it. It is the simple but appealing attire, adapted for any ornamental occasion or for the normal casual wear in day-to-day life. Either professional or the casual wear, a woman always wants to be unique from others. With the commencement of the scorching summer, the outfits are with the synchronization with the season and the contemporary market wave is splendid in discovering the new and stunning designs of the kurtis. The most lucrative and worthy component of the kurti is that it can be paired up with jeans or trousers or as a whole ethnic wear, can be noteworthy matched with the chudidaars or patialas.

Summer clothes for the women run the gamut from chic and casual to office and career wear. A professional girl, being a contemporary and a significant fashion victim, knows the worth of being dressed-up in the office campus. With the synchronization of the seasonal element, she already has thorough knowledge about the most appropriate fabric type varying from cotton, linen, chiffon to silk.


To keep away women from juggling through the matter of what to wear in the professional ambience, Indian designers have come up with the most trendy and comfortable professional wear. Kurti with decent prints of neutral splash of colors make a remarkable impact and in addition, maintains decorum of the office. To glam up your glimpse, you just need to pair your kurti with the legging and the appropriate footwears.

An alternative to it is you can wear kurti with the chudidaar also. Our Indian talented fashion designers design and crafted the multifarious kurtis in a hybrid range of tones, as they already have the idea about the tide and cluster of amalgamation of colors with the upcoming clothes. Special fabric for the sultry season is light weight linen in cheerful and brighter colors and the beautiful floral prints. Getting bored with the sub-element of the kurtis as legging or chudidaar, try it with the jeans as the most usual but elegant outfit in the office. Kurti along with the jeans treat as the somewhat Indo-western attire and a girl mostly love to acquire this type of clothing as it is the most funky yet elegant attire.

Get your office wear collection ready or refresh it with the contemporary fashion tones in synch with the cool summer jungle ranging from the professional kurtis to the completely formals. Women’s clothing is inevitable and hence the fashion designers, every time, have come up with some new and dazzling assortment of costumes. Buy kurtis online from crazora.