5 New Styling RULES for Women with Curves


Women with Curves
Women with Curves

Some styling rules for curvy women are antediluvian. It’s time they stir up a bit, five most important styling tips:

  1. Start with the right underwear

“I like to wear seamless underwear in Nude. That’s not sexy, but so you can put the silhouette of your clothes the best in scene. Many women love Shapewear, but I prefer gossamer shirt bras. Of course, lace lingerie is perfect to seduce, but you can always look under t-shirt or a blouse. That’s why I like it underneath like plain and simple. ”

  1. emphasize the right places

“The bottom line is to put the emphasis on the strengths of your body. Belt as an accent, for example often too much, about more than a T-shirt. This emphasizes the waist, which can look unfavorably. I love my legs. A simple, classic pump makes them look longer. Everything with a strap around the ankle, I avoid interrupting the natural line of the leg, when I’m wearing a dress. ”

  1. patterns are a must

“It is said that curvy women wear best Black. It may well seem flattering a great pattern. It’s all about, only to choose the perfect silhouette. In voluminous, patterned kaftans you perish. So do not touch it. Better access to a patterned suit with narrow trousers and a fitted blazer. Sure, the print complete look is something very courageous. Therefore Catch Just a patterned blazer and pair it with your black basics.

  1. Put it on new proportions and perfect cuts!

“Not everything has to contain elastane, so that it sits well. My secret weapon is a perfect blazer, which holds everything together. Even small changes can transform a look of misshapen in flattering – for example, if you shorten your skirt or trousers length just a little “.

  1. Never stand on rules

“A lot of people can be narrow of what curvy women are allowed to wear and what not. Do not be guided by the rules and do not be afraid to try new things.


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5 New Styling RULES for Women with Curves