Clothing that men like it when women wear

We women are not the easiest when it comes to clothing. Certainly not in comparison to men. We know very well what we like and not like, and what our state. We watched figure, on skin tone and all sorts of other things that affect our choice of clothing. Men … are a lot simpler. Below are some examples of clothing that men find beautiful women:

Men love red.

Nice sensual and strikingly delicious. Men find a woman with a beautiful red color. And in this regard we cannot blame them anyway? Red is also an attractive color and is a lot of good people. Yet we find women quickly an intense color for a normal working day and even at the local pub. Just do it, they love it!


Men love high heels.

Men find women more attractive heels. It seems scientifically proven to be and actually it is also quite plausible: the curves of a woman get better and chop to wobble you do just a little bit more with that ass than on your All Stars. So attract those killer heels ladies!


Men like to see bare shoulders.

Bare shoulders? Yes! Those legs that feel free to stop in skinny jeans and belly should be covered, nowadays men look like bare shoulders. Just as a subtle bit bare at the shoulders seem to find a man very sexy. In the house so they get off-shoulder tops!


Men see women prefer in dresses.

Although skinny jeans also not considered as annoying, men remain men and women prefer to see it in a female dress. They feminine possible, and that for them the slip. Not so short that it is vulgar, but ‘short’ is a must. The dress should accentuate the curves of the body and then especially the ‘good points’. Are you blessed with nice round butt? Yeah … that’s still like to see some men.

What men should do nothing?

High wasted jeans


Harem Pants


To expose

For all men who read this: do you have any comments or additions? Do not be afraid to hear from you! Ladies, what do you think? Do you adapt your clothing to what your boyfriend or men in the pub or nightclub you think?

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Clothing that men like it when women wear